Since early 2004 MotionLoops has been creating some of the worlds most unique video loops and timelapse video collections with one long-term goal in mind – deliver exclusive theme collections with the absolute highest usability and value possible. Global Archive is a dedicated website dedicated to the professional video editor community. We created the first website in the world to allow instantly downloadable video bundles. In fact, we even coined the term “motion loops” which is now a common industry phrase. We also created a unique automated bundle builder that you will find at the bottom of this site – which automatically applies discounts during your order process providing the biggest savings possible - so all you have to focus on is finding your favorite content.

Although other download sites have popped up over the years, they all focus on a consignment model where any artist submits videos of any quality and places a minimum price requirement. Meanwhile we have primarily been focused on our exclusive production model to allow deeper discounts on individual videos, theme collections, bundles and our all-inclusive libraries.